Thursday, June 7, 2007


When making goals it's important to keep your values in mind. Last month, I attended an Environmental Justice Camp in Victoria, BC, sponsored by the Anglican church. One of the things mentioned in our discussions was an idea on why some environmental initiatives haven't taken off so well. A friend mentioned that the more effective organizations were those where values were most important - for example, saying "We value the importance of urban green space" and having goals and strategies (community gardens, say) come out of that. Trying to get people to do something (use less gas, for example) doesn't work if you or they don't know why it's important.

With that in mind, I've thought a bit about the things I value in life, and checked over my list of goals to make sure they're compatible. They all were, in fact most were just sort of an unconscious outflow.

I value my faith most, and it informs the rest of my values and goals.
My family, including James
Building friendships and community
Justice - not exploiting others, no matter how distant they may be
Peace - resisting violence in any form
Stewardship of creation
Good health
Enjoyment of life
Making things with my own hands - this is really an intrinsically valuable thing for me, quite aside from any financial benefits
Having the time to enjoy friends, family, and hobbies
Being financially stable and out of debt

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