Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Winter & Spring accomplishments

Much of my winter free time was spent with university applications. Now that's finished, and my time is being occupied by wedding preparations! I must admit I've been slacking. Nevertheless I've accomplished a few more goals:

#14, Schedule a church retrofit consultation. A representative from Phillips lighting came to the church and did an energy audit for us. I plan to present the resulting recommendations soon.

#18, Attend an opera, symphony, or ballet performance. James and I attended a performance by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra of the Russian masters.

#32, Grow a garden and harvest something edible from each patch. It took well into November and even December, but my broccoli patch finally yielded some edible crowns.

#39, Knit a sweater. For Halloween I dressed up as Waldo and knit my own red- and white-striped sweater and hat.

#42, Go snowboarding at least three times during the 07-08 season; learn to carve. I massively outdid myself here, buying a season's pass at Mt. Seymour. James and I went almost every week from January to April. I can turn confidently on both sides, I'm working on getting better at maintaining speed, and on one occasion actually landed a jump.

#46, Run 10 km. Well... I did stop to walk a few times, but I think it still counts. On April 20 James and I did the Vancouver Sun Run, along with more than 59,000 others. Our time was 1:11 (yes, we stayed together the whole time).

#61, Compile a cookbook. I did this at Christmas and gave it to my dad, who says he loves it.

#62, Take a yoga class at a gym or community centre. I've been going to radha yoga at least three times a week since the beginning of March - money was the motivator, I bought monthly passes and then felt motivated to get the most I could out of it.

#65, Keep a monthly budget. I've been doing this for some time now, using Pearbudget.

#74, Get a driver’s license. I did this on a whim last month (well, it's just a learner's permit). James was completely shocked when I told him.

#76, Donate 10% of my income to a church or charity of my choice. I've kept this up since at least December... I don't remember exactly.