Monday, July 16, 2007

Progress report

Here's what I'm working on currently:

#15, Drink 8 glasses of water a day for 2 weeks. I started today and I'm well on target. For today, anyway!

#25, Pay off student loans by Dec. 31. This is also going well, as I mentioned last month I'm putting my whole tax refund towards this goal. I also scrounged together an extra $1000 last month, thanks in part to a cheque from the insurance company (I was hit by a car while biking in March).

#27, Take a camping trip to Oregon, save $500 for camping gear. Unfortunately this will have to be split into two separate goals! I'm going to visit my family July 28-Aug 4, and then camping the week after. However the added expense of the family visit precludes buying gear; I'll be borrowing this time around. I'll still have to buy it before doing #86, the Appalachian Trail.

#28, Visit my immediate family twice and each side of the extended family once. My mom and dad and I are visiting my mom's side of the family at the end of July. Unfortunately my brother and sister won't be able to come, but I think this still counts for immediate family!

#32, Grow a garden and harvest something edible from each patch. I planted beans, beets, carrots, squash, and possibly some other things that I've forgotten about. There are some things growing in my little plot, and some of them I can't tell if they're weeds or good plants. However I can distinguish the beans, carrots, and squash. Nothing edible yet. I have salad greens, tomatoes, basil, and habanero pepper in containers as well. The basil is pressed into service regularly and the first tomato is almost ready to be picked. I also have some wild raspberry bushes that have started producing some luscious berries.

#35, Limit TV/computer time to 7 hours a week outside work. I haven't been keeping track, but I'm fairly sure I've been doing this already. However, in the next few weeks I'll make up a timesheet to make sure.

#57, eat everything in my freezer. Almost done! There's only a big container of frozen pumpkin. I just need to use it before Halloween, which is when my freezer experiences its annual pumpkin puree bonanza.

#60, make laundry detergent, glass cleaner, and shampoo. I made glass cleaner.

#65, keep a monthly budget. I started doing this at the beginning of June and will obviously continue, probably indefinitely. I use PearBudget for this.

One more goal accomplished!

Well, sort of. #8, Register as an organ donor. When I went to do this, I found that I already was registered! I don't remember doing it at all. Well, regardless, it's done.