Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First draft list of my goals

Here's my list of goals as I first wrote them down, duplications and everything. Since I am not actually done with the rewording and clarifying process, I am still adding more as I think of them. When I get to the final list, duplications will be eliminated, really similar ones amalgamated, and any that are in themselves necessary steps in accomplishing another goal will also be eliminated.

1. Hike the Appalachian Trail
2. Take shorter showers
3. Buy a laptop
4. Write a will
5. Pay off student loan
6. Develop emergency fund
7. Take a vacation to Oregon
8. Visit my family
9. Get a master's degree
10. Get a job doing what I love
11. Become actively involved in environmental advocacy
12. Finish Learn-To-Ride and Learn-To-Race
13. Race in an alleycat
14. Grow a garden
15. Make a website for my church
16. Get my legs tattooed
17. Do some canning/drying etc. this summer
18. Buy local
19. Do some bike touring
20. Spend less time on the computer
21. Practice meditation
22. Write more
23. Read more books
24. Knit a sweater
25. Have a Buy Nothing Christmas
26. Buy a camera
27. Go snowboarding
28. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
29. Research an ethnography
30. Go to the farmer's market
31. Start sewing
32. Do some beading
33. Use computer less
34. Learn how to use a spinning wheel
35. Knit something out of my own handspun
36. Run 10 km
37. Bike 100 km
38. Take pictures and get some prints framed
39. Practice networking
40. Redo my resume
41. Grow my hair out to waist length
42. Cut all my hair off and donate it to Locks of Love
43. Register as an organ donor
44. Have a picnic
45. Get friends together to visit farms
46. Make (soy) yogurt from scratch
47. Make tofu from scratch
48. Sew one whole outfit for myself
49. Learn to dirtjump
50. Improve flexibility
51. Take the train across Canada
52. Go scuba diving
53. Go rock climbing
54. Go on a human-powered camping trip
55. Play board games
56. Have a temporary corset piercing at a formal event
57. Make energy labels for St. Oswald's
58. Schedule a church retrofit consultation
59. Develop an environmental stewardship program at St. Oswald's
60. Have all-local meals
61. Spend a weekend in silence
62. Go on a pilgrimage
63. Do the master cleanse
64. Eat everything in my freezer
65. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
66. Decrease yarn stash
67. Increase net worth
68. Build an emergency fund
69. Eat out less
70. Make laundry detergent
71. Make less trash
72. Replace lightbulbs with CFLs
73. Compile a cookbook
74. Digitize my CD collection
75. Take up yoga
76. Visit museums
77. Attend an opera, ballet, or symphony
78. Vote in every election I'm eligible
79. Develop an investment portfolio
80. Travel to Africa
81. Keep a monthly budget
82. Do a weekend bike trip
83. Clear Nicole's trail at Burnaby Mountain
84. File my tax return
85. Put my tax refund into paying off student loan
86. Do a collaborative painting with James
87. Get a bike tattoo
88. Get a knitting tattoo
89. Teach someone to knit
90. Attend knitting group more often
91. Learn to do nose wheelie pivots
92. Get up by 7 every morning
93. Start working 8-4 (instead of 9-5)
94. Get insurance settlement taken care of
95. Renew passports
96. Get a driver's license
97. Do an outdoor suspension
98. Give 10% of my net income to charity
99. Have morning devotions
100. Go sailing
101. Get my bike all fixed
102. Bake my own bread
103. Find a church in Vancouver
104. Surprise James with something romantic
105. Develop a crafting space
106. Buy a home
107. Watch all the Best Picture Oscar winners
108. Read all of Shakespeare's plays that I haven't read yet
109. Read all the books on the "100 best books" list [I have it at home somewhere] that I haven't read yet
110. Make wine
111. Get rid of junk/clothes I don't use/wear anymore

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