Friday, September 7, 2007

August's accomplishments

#15, Drink 8 glasses of water a day for 2 weeks. I managed to finish this while on vacation, even with spending an entire day in airports and airplanes!

#26, Develop an emergency fund with $1500. It's actually got $1900 in it now.

#27, Take a camping trip to Oregon; save $500 for camping gear. As mentioned before, I did the first but not the second. I will need to save for camping gear to accomplish other goals though.

#33, Go in with some friends on buying/picking local produce in bulk, and preserve it. I wasn't able to get friends together, but I did it by myself. So far I have either canned, frozen, or dried the following: 13 quarts of cherries, 7 of peaches, and 5 of dill pickles; 9 pints of tomato sauce and 12 of green beans; 6 half-pints of blueberry jam, 6 of blackberry jam, 3 corncob jelly, 5 apple cider jelly, 4 peach jelly, and 1 oil-packed dried tomatoes; and some dried plums and cantaloupe.

#34, Obtain at least 50% of my food from within 200 miles. I know I didn't set a timeline, but I achieved this in August - 52.8% of my food expenditures for the month were local.

#55, Have one meal per week with all ingredients from within 200 miles. Again, I hadn't specified a timeline, and I haven't kept a strict chart, but I have been doing this quite consistently for most of July and August. On some weeks I've had 8 or 10 100%-local meals.