Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Continuing with the clearly defined micro-goals

11. Have a picnic. This one's easy.
Redefined goal #11: unchanged.

12. Make (soy) yogurt. I've been reading over some very clear directions and it's something I've always wanted to try. Commercial soy yogurt is a) expensive and b) gross. At first I was thinking it should be entirely from scratch, but reading that over she says the best results come from part homemade and part commercial soymilk, so that's what I'll do. Also, it has to be edible.
Redefined goal #12: Make at least one batch of soy yogurt that tastes good, with at least half homemade soymilk.

13. Make tofu from scratch. Same as above, but I'd like to try it with all homemade soymilk; I have a feeling it won't matter so much as with the yogurt since tofu is supposed to be kind of bland all on its own.
Redefined goal #13: Make at least one batch of tofu entirely from scratch.

14. Have a temporary corset piercing at a formal event. Well, if a suitable formal event occurs in the next just-under-3 years, anyway! I've been thinking about having one done for my [hypothetical] wedding, and it might freak people out but damnit, it's MY day and I'll do what I want! And if a suitable formal event doesn't come up, well.... I'll throw a formal party just for the hell of it.
Redefined goal #14: Unchanged.

15. Make energy labels for St. Oswald's. The Anglican church provides a spreadsheet you can download, plug in some numbers about your square footage and utility bills, and it churns out graphs and charts showing how much of which energy is being used where, and there's a space for setting energy reduction goals and so on. This goal is just missing the implementation once the labels are made.
Redefined goal #15: Make energy labels for St. Oswald's, post them in the church, and work with the church committee to develop and meet energy reduction goals.

16. Schedule a church retrofit consultation. Similar to the above, you can get schedule a workshop through the diocese to go through your church and suggest ways to improve your energy efficiency - window inserts, weather stripping, solar panels, etc. As above, though, there needs to be some follow-through with this goal.
Redefined goal #16: Schedule a church retrofit consultation, and work with the church committee to implement recommendations as possible.

17. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. I'm wondering what a good term is for this to become an established habit - a week? a month? Let's split the difference. I'll go for one in the morning, four at work, three in the evening.
Redefined goal #17: Drink 8 glasses of water each day, for 2 weeks straight.

18. Digitize my CD collection. Easy! all it takes is some time...
Redefined goal #18: Unchanged.

19. Visit a museum. I'd like to visit several actually, but let's just start small. There's one in particular I'd like to visit.
Redefined goal #19: Visit the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia.

20. Attend an opera, symphony, or ballet performance. No further work needed here.
Redefined goal #20: Unchanged.

21. File tax return. Yes, I'm well aware that April 30 has come and gone. I just... argh! I don't owe so it's okay. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. But yes, it needs to get done. Also, it can be amalgamated with 22, which is my single most important short-term financial goal.
Redefined goal #21: File tax return BY JUNE 31, and use the refund towards paying off student loans.

22. Put tax refund into paying off student loans. See above.
Redefined goal #22: Deleted.

23. Teach someone to knit. Anyone! I have several friends who have asked me.
Redefined goal #23: Unchanged.

24. Go sailing. I've only done this twice in my life. I'd like to double that. It may be hard since I don't own a boat or have any friends who do, so this depends on wealthy friends-of-friends. Maybe my to-be-developed networking skills will help me!
Redefined goal #24: Go sailing on two separate occasions.

25. Surprise James with something romantic. Depending on your definition of "romantic" I may have already accomplished this when I bought him a new road map, since his was barely usable anymore. But I can do it again. Something romantic I mean, not buy him a new map again.
Redefined goal #25: Unchanged.

26. Get rid of all the junk/clothes I don't use/wear anymore. It's taking of my closet and breeding under my bed. As long as I'm conducting a thorough investigation of what all I own, I'd like to catalogue any valuables while it's still managable (i.e. while I have very few of them!)
Redefined goal #26 - Conduct an inventory of my possessions, selling or donating what I do not need and itemizing any valuables.

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