Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Clearly defined micro-goals

Back to the baby-step goals! These are the ones that should be completable with about a week's work. I'll go through them in sets of 10 or so, as I have time.

1. Take shorter showers. How short is short? For me, 10 minutes would be a stretch, but it's possible if I don't have to shave that day. However, this is necessarily part of short-term goal #73.
Redefined goal #1: Deleted.

2. Write a will. This one's pretty easy, however it includes a couple other sets of documents that aren't part of a traditional will.
Redefined goal #2: Write a will, including a living will, funeral arrangements, and other instructions to my family in the event of my death.

3. Race in an alleycat. This one needs no further definition, and will be accomplished on June 16th actually. Though I am thinking about amending it to include some winnings. I feel like that is partially beyond my control, as I don't have any influence on other entrants, and I'm not about to start hiring someone to break people's legs. But I can for sure do some more training and get more experienced. So with that in mind -
Redefined goal #3 - Race in an alleycat, and bring home a prize.

4. Make church website. My boyfriend James and I are in the middle of designing a website for my church. I'd give you a link, but well... I can't right now. ha! It is coming along though, I understand the design is done (that's James' end) and so what I need to do is finish writing... whatever needs to be written!
Redefined goal #4 - Finish all the writing for the church website, and get it online.

5. Go to the farmer's market. It's that time of the year, and I'm trying to buy local as much as possible. However, I've observed that one of my other goals is "Buy Local" and shopping at the farmer's market (there are several excellent ones near me) is part of that. So I'm scrapping this, but it will show up in an Action Plan later.
Redefined goal #5 - deleted!

6. Do some beadwork. I bought a nice bead kit from a friend and enjoy making jewelry, but I've neglected it a bit in favour of its nicer older sister, knitting. I'd like to make a few things for small gifts, since I prefer to keep my jewelry stash fairly small.
Redefined goal #6 - Make at least 10 beaded items (e.g. bracelets).

7. Practice networking. I am seriously considering starting a job search within the month, and I'd like to make some contacts who can help me out. I could amalgamate this into my medium-term goal of finding a job in my field, but I think it is important whether or not I'm looking for a job, so it stays on independently. I've also been unsure of whether to include this goal as short-term or medium-term or what, but I think I will leave it here since making a new contact is easily doable in a week.
Redefined goal #7 - Make one new contact (who can help influence my career path) each week for one month.

8. Redo my résumé. Obviously necessary when one is planning on job shopping, and honestly in the sector I work in, it's a good idea to have it always up to date. In my opinion it's a pretty good resume, well-formatted, concise, and effective. There are just a few things about it that need to be updated in light of my present job.
Redefined goal #8 - Update résumé to include present work experience, and new skills learned.

9. Donate hair to Locks of Love. I did this once already, dropping TWO FEET of my flowing tresses, and it felt so weird I'll just have to try it again. It's just not long enough yet.
Redefined goal #9 - Once my hair reaches waist length, chop it to chin length and donate it to Locks of Love.

10. Register as an organ donor. In British Columbia, this is done through a separate agency and has nothing to do with your driver's license or anything else, though you do need a valid CareCard.
Redefined goal #10 - unchanged.

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