Friday, June 8, 2007

Category 2: Short-term goals

These are the goals that I've identified as short-term, that is, they can be accomplished in one year or less, but would probably take more than a week (though there may be some overlap with the micro-goals there). Some of them (e.g. #13) are not so much things that can be accomplished as habits I'd like to get into. Again, these are fairly vague and ill-defined, but that will change soon.

1. Buy a laptop
2. Pay off student loans
3. Develop emergency fund
4. Take a vacation to Oregon
5. Visit my family
6. Get a job doing what I love
7. Become actively involved in environmental advocacy
8. Finish Learn-to-Ride and Learn-to-Race [programs at the local velodrome]
9. Grow a garden
10. Preserve food for winter via canning/drying
11. Buy local
12. Spend less time on the computer
13. Practice meditation
14. Write more
15. Read more books
16. Knit a sweater
17. Have a Buy Nothing Christmas
18. Buy a camera
19. Go snowboarding
20. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
21. Research an ethnography
22. Start sewing
23. Learn how to use a spinning wheel
24. Knit something with my own handspun
25. Run 10 km
26. Bike 100 km
27. Take pictures and get some prints framed
28. Practice networking
29. Get friends together to visit farms
30. Sew one whole outfit for myself
31. Learn to dirtjump
32. Improve flexibility
33. Go scuba diving
34. Go rock climbing
35. Play board games
36. Develop an environmental stewardship program at St. Oswald's
37. Have all-local meals
38. Spend a weekend in silence
39. Do the Master Cleanse
40. Eat everything in my freezer
41. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
42. Decrease my yarn stash
43. Increase net worth
44. Eat out less
45. Make laundry detergent
46. Make less trash
47. Compile a cookbook
48. Take up yoga
49. Vote in every election I'm eligible
50. Develop an investment portfolio
51. Keep a monthly budget
52. Clear Nicole's trail at Burnaby Mountain
53. Do a collaborative painting with James
54. Get a bike tattoo
55. Get a knitting tattoo
56. Attend knitting group regularly
57. Learn to do nose wheelie pivots
58. Get up by 7 (at the latest!) every morning
59. Start working 8-4 instead of 9-5
60. Get insurance settlement taken care of
61. Renew passports
62. Get a driver's license
63. Do an outdoor suspension
64. Tithe 10%
65. Have morning devotions
66. Bake my own bread
67. Find a church in Vancouver
68. Develop a crafting space
69. Watch all the Oscar Best Picture winners
70. Read all of Shakespeare's plays
71. Read "100 best books"
72. Make wine
73. Reduce carbon emissions by 90%

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