Monday, June 18, 2007

Super-Size Clearly Defined Short Term Goals, Part 2

36. Develop an environmental stewardship program at St. Oswald's. See #7.
Redefined goal #36 - Deleted.

37. Have all-local meals. This could probably be integrated with #11, but that would make it too wordy.
Redefined goal #37 - Have one meal per week where all major ingredients are from within 200 miles (spices can be an exception).

38. Spend a weekend in silence. I think this is probably something that comes out of my "practice meditation" goal, so I'm going to amend #13 to include this.
Redefined goal #38 - Deleted.

39. Do the Master Cleanse. I've tried this twice and never managed; the first time I planned quite poorly just before a move and decided it was a bad idea and the second time I got quite sick on the second day and had to bail again. I'd like to give it one more go.
Redefined goal #39 - Do the Master Cleanse, for 10 days.

40. Eat everything in my freezer. Often when I make a big recipe I freeze at least half of it and I've accumulated quite a bit in there that I've sort of forgotten about. I don't mean things that you keep in there normally like peas and perogies, I mean frozen leftovers.
Redefined goal #40 - Unchanged.

41. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Whoops, how did this end up in here? See micro-goal #17.
Redefined goal #41 - Deleted.

42. Decrease yarn stash. Oh, that lovely mess in my closet. As knitters go, I'm actually pretty good with the stash. I don't buy 20 balls of yarn because it's on sale without even having a project in mind. But there is a lot of yarn in my closet and just the other day I saw a MOTH in there. Oh, when I said "eat everything in my freezer" I also didn't mean yarn, because that's where my yarn is now. Damn winged insects. Anyway...
Redefined goal #42 - Use stash yarn for at least every other project I start, and do not buy new yarn unless I'm ready to cast on right then.

43. Increase net worth. mmmmmm money. I've never done an "increasing net worth" exercise before, so I don't even know WHAT kind of percentage to shoot for. Paying off my student loan will put me in the black of course. What percentage increase is going from -4000 to 0, anyway? Well. I'll avoid the question and direct this goal towards 2008 then. If I start out with nothing I should have no trouble doubling it. haha! That was a joke.
Redefined goal #43 - Increase net worth by 100% in 2008.

44. Eat out less. I already don't eat out very much compared to some of my friends, but I do want to keep it as low as I can.
Redefined goal #44 - Limit dining out to 15% of my food spending.

45. Make laundry detergent. Google it, there are plenty of recipes. I've already made my own tub & tile abrasive and all-purpose spray cleaner; there are a few more I'd like to try.
Redefined goal #45 - Make laundry detergent, glass cleaner, and shampoo.

46. Make less trash. This necessarily falls under #73.
Redefined goal #46 - Deleted.

47. Compile a cookbook. This can include family recipes (veganized of course), ones that I've come up with on my own, stuff I've picked up from friends, etc.
Redefined goal #47 - Unchanged.

48. Take up yoga. This one's a no-brainer! Reduce stress and improve strength and flexibility.
Redefined goal #48 - Register for a yoga class at a gym or community centre.

49. Vote in every election I'm eligible to. This involves alerting the US government to my presence actually, I haven't lived there since I was 8 and I guess as far as they're concerned I don't exist? We'll see how that goes, anyway. Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal ones are all easy.
Redefined goal #49 - Unchanged.

50. Develop an investment portfolio. This will happen after my loan is paid off. I'm looking at several options - RRSP, GIC, S&P, RBI, VCR... I get so confused. But not for much longer!
Redefined goal #50 - Unchanged.

51. Keep a monthly budget. I'm using PearBudget right now actually, and it's working quite nicely. At the end of the month it should show me some nice charts.
Redefined goal #51 - Unchanged.

52. Clear Nicole's trail at Burnaby Mountain. Ah, my old nemesis. This is an advanced one, and my first time mountain biking I got lost and ended up on this trail. I shit you not, I sat down to cry. I'm going to do it without putting a foot down. Stunts are optional though where a bypass is available.
Redefined goal #52 - Unchanged.

53. Do a collaborative painting with James. We found a nice canvas on sale, it's still blank, and that's a shame.
Redefined goal #53 - Unchanged.

54. Get a bike-related tattoo. Gotta have street cred. And yarn store cred while I'm at it, they can be the same goal. Not necessarily the same tattoo though.
Redefined goal #54 - Get a bike-related and a knitting-related tattoo.

55. Get a knitting-related tattoo. See above
Redefined goal #55 - Deleted.

56. Attend knitting group regularly. It's on Monday nights, and the other one is every other Friday. I like them both but don't go as often as I'd like to, and so I don't get as much done as I'd like to.
Redefined goal #56 - Go to knitting group four times a month, minimum.

57. Learn to do nose wheelie pivots. It's where you grab your front brake and your rear wheel comes up, then you swing the rear end around 180 degrees, and take off in the opposite direction. It looks rad.
Redefined goal #57 - Unchanged.

58. Get up by 7 every morning. This is really quite necessary if I'm ever going to accomplish #59.
Redefined goal #58 - Deleted.

59. Change working hours to 8-4 instead of 9-5. Simple. If I can drag my ass out of bed.
Redefined goal #59 - Unchanged.

60. Get insurance settlement taken care of. I was hit by a car while riding my bike a couple months ago. I expect that I should have the case settled within six months. Don't want to rush that, though.
Redefined goal #60 - Unchanged.

61. Renew passports. I have a US and a Canadian passport to get renewed. The process for the latter is about to get easier, and I am so happy about that.
Redefined goal #61 - Unchanged.

62. Get a driver's license. ACHTUNG ACHTUNG I am doing this under duress. I don't drive and don't really want to, honestly there's no need and I am getting along swimmingly without it. But I suppose it's useful anyway...
Redefined goal #62 - Unchanged.

63. Do an outdoor suspension. I loved my first one, it was an incredible experience even though it was in a small dark garage. I think doing one outside in the summer would be amazing.
Redefined goal #63 - Do an outdoor suspension this summer.

64. Tithe 10%. Church or charity of my choice.
Redefined goal #64 - Unchanged.

65. Have morning devotions. You know, this kinda goes along with my "practice meditation" goal but it is somewhat different. Also it doesn't need to be in the morning.
Redefined goal #65 - Have half-hour devotional time three times a week.

66. Bake my own bread. Just like my momma taught me.
Redefined goal #66 - Bake ALL my own bread, except for fancy bread on fancy occasions (but try to do that myself too!)

67. Find a church in Vancouver. My regular church, St. Oswald's, is rather far away since I moved after finishing school, and I can't make it there every week. I'd like to have a second regular church.
Redefined goal #67 - Visit a different church in Vancouver every time I'm not at St. Oswald's, until I find one to attend regularly.

68. Develop a crafting space. This might have to wait till I get a laptop, because right now my behemoth of a computer is occuping the desk space where, say, a sewing machine might like to go. But I do want to have a little storage area and a desk/table for working on crafty things... sewing, beading, knitting, whatever.
Redefined goal #68 - Unchanged.

69. Watch all the Oscar Best Picture winners. Self-explanatory.
Redefined goal # 69 - Unchanged.

70. Read all of Shakespeare's plays. See #15.
Redefined goal #70 - Deleted.

71. Read "100 best books." As above.
Redefined goal #71 - Deleted.

72. Make wine. This can be in my own house if I invest in all the equipment, or in a U-brew establishment... maybe the latter and if I like it the former? Doesn't really change the goal - cheap booze!
Redefined goal #72 - Unchanged.

73. Reduce carbon emissions by 90%. I still haven't fully grasped the magnitude of this goal! Read more about it here. Holy crap it's ambitious. I love it. Note that this doesn't mean a 90% reduction from my current level, but from the average North American level.
Redefined goal #73 - Unchanged.

74. Go on a bike or canoe camping trip. A week is a good duration, I think. That's really all I need to say!
Redefined goal #74 - Unchanged.

75. Go on a pilgrimage. I'd like to take a trip to a religious site, probably one in the contemplative tradition (e.g. Iona or Taizé), and spend some time there. It's just as much about the journey there, though. It's kind of tough to put a timeline on this one; as granola as this sounds I feel like it'll take as much time as it needs and go where it needs to go.
Redefined goal #75 - Unchanged.

And with that, short-term goals are ready to get done! huzzah.

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