Thursday, June 28, 2007

Goals Accomplished!

FOUR of them.

#2. Race in an alleycat and bring home a prize. I participated in the Time Bomb team bike race June 16th, and my team took fifth place. Fourth place didn't stick around for the prize awarding ceremony, so between the three of us we bagged two bottles of wine, a lovely decorated inner tube ("like lace panties for your bike" he said), and some toe-strap holders.

#9. Have a picnic. On June 22nd several of my friends and I had a picnic at Stanley Park's Third Beach. It involved homemeade falafels, hula hoops, and a raccoon (ugh). We're planning on having more beach picnics throughout the summer.

#19. File tax return by June 31st; use refund towards student loan payment. Well, this is half done. I filed today. Only two months late! I can expect my refund in about a week or so, at which time it'll get sent straight back to the Receiver General of Canada. How appropriate.

#22. Surprise James with something romantic. On June 17th was the Commercial Drive Car-Free Festival - all sorts of artists, musicians, booths, performers, etc. take over the main street through one of Vancouver's more notorious neighbourhoods. James was looking at a particular teacup; the potter was there doing some carving on un-fired ones and selling finished ones. He decided he couldn't afford one at that time though, so after he went home I went back and bought him one. He was really thrilled with it.

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